What wants to happen?

The rapid pace and often overwhelming state of our world has forced far too many of us into a trance-like existence —going through the days, going through the motions, putting one foot in front of the other— but without a sense of catching up. You are not alone and it takes practice to change that pattern, to live in a way that supports radical contentment and becoming a positive contribution to the evolution both your life and to those you influence. 

According to established models of adult development, as a society we are poised to move into a higher level of thought and consciousness. For this to happen, we must learn to operate with new flexibility and awareness.

When we are fully awake and engaged in life, we evolve to our highest potential and uncover solutions to problems that previously seemed unsolvable. This evolutionary process is the core of open-focus coaching.

My services include individual coaching, workshops and onsite retreats at Sage Canyon Ranch. Please read through the information on this website and, if you are interested in knowing more, contact me.

What is Open-Focus?

Open-Focus is a process that helps individuals wake up from the societal trance and step into a more powerful and genuine way of living.

The essence of Open-Focus is a belief in the awakening of higher human potential. From an integral coaching perspective, practices for personal development become the foundation for professional development.

With this in mind, the promise of Open-Focus becomes this: As a person awakens to and begins to embody their emerging capacities, new perspectives arise. Previously unseen connections and possibilities open, full of potential and ripe with meaning.


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