Open-Focus is the overall umbrella for the advanced developmental work offered by Dan Petersen.

The essence of Open-Focus is a commitment to the awakening of higher human potential. From an integral coaching perspective, practices for personal development become the foundation for professional development. In other words, we cannot move effectively with what we are not seeing clearly.  If our subjective perception is clouded by overwhelm, contraction, busyness, or distracted by mistaken agendas, conditioned habits, past successes or failures, then we cannot see clearly and miss opportunities as they open and pass by.  So to operate at a higher level, one must see differently.  Practices for personal development address this expanded and clearer seeing and listening.

The promise of Open-Focus is: As a person awakens to and begins to embody their emerging capacities, new perspectives open. Previously unnoticed connections and possibilities can now be addressed. In this new space of seeing and listening, work and life bloom with potential and rich meaning. 

Depending on the needs of the individual or team, Dan calls upon a number of associates to assist in the project. These are experts in their fields. Some of the areas of expertice are:

Advanced Financial Planning      •      Somatic Experiencing      •      Visionary Questing

Mediation      •      Non-violent Communication



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