A CALL TO ACTION——————————————

Ask yourself:

  • What wants to happen in your future?
  • What is the underlying impulse seeking to manifest in your life?

Since the exciting times when you first choose healthcare as a profession, new and complex challenges have surfaced that call for you to reimagine your future in medicine.

You might be practicing according to the rules laid down by “the system” and find that it is not producing the life you intended. You might find yourself struggling with levels of cynicism, exhaustion, and burnout. Or in the midst of success, there might be a yearning for something more.

If this is not what you signed up for, there are new directions and unforeseen options for responding to What Wants to Happen™.

Re-Imagining...   Your professional life.
                                                      Your family life.
                                                                  Your own life.

A Call To Action includes private, one-to-one, 3-month Coaching Conversations designed to reveal and clarify new possibilities. With the skills learned in this program, you can expect to build new capabilities for achieving what is most important to you, especially in balancing your personal and professional life.

A Life Check-Up™ combined with specifically tailored coaching support can assist you with re-imagining and moving to the next level of living. In this process you will gain powerful new perspectives on What Wants to Happen™ in your future, and how to fulfill this new yearning.

Reasonable Expectations from this Coaching Program

  • A new outlook toward what the future can bring.
  • More passionate options for achieving your ultimate goals.
  • Relishing your personal and your professional life.

Three-Month Healthcare Package: A Call to Action

  1. Three 50-minute coaching sessions per month.
  2. Archived and re-playable coaching sessions.
  3. Includes curated resources: video, audio, articles, and books.

Coaching Sessions include:

  • Igniting the passion for necessary changes leading to an unprecedented future.
  • Discovering hidden dynamics that have kept you from taking skillful actions for change.
  • Understanding the qualities of deep change and re-training your mind.
  • Accomplish more in 3-months than you could in a year.

Session 1 - Getting started:
Intake session includes: revealing the details of any dissatisfactions, identifying new directions and possibilities, and discussing the power of balance in your career and personal life.

Session 2: Customizing your coaching program.
We work together to design the whole program to address your particular situation and needs.

Plus: E-mail communication as you move through the program and Short 10 -15 minute phone calls when urgent questions arise.

Two extra sessions enabling you to move beyond habitual patterns of thinking and acting using the Immunity to Change Process™.

Call for a no cost, no obligation, completely confidential session with a personal walk-through of A Call to Action. 970-565-8099.



Personal development is not a task to be completed. We are not “finished” when we complete our education, get the coveted promotion, or retire. Adult development is an intermittent – though continuous – process.

Individual developmental coaching is intended for the person who has chosen to continue growing, personally and professionally, and who has reached a plateau. When we begin asking ourselves “is this as good as it gets?” the adventurer within is calling out for us to open new doors. The restlessness around having completed a stage of development is a signal that it is time to change, move on, and evolve. Human evolution is like a time-release medication; is happening whether we are conscious of it or not.

Individuals engage a coach when they . . .

  • are experiencing restlessness, anxiety, or boredom
  • are trapped in their way of living and want to break free
  • feel that life has just become too complicated
  • are in a major career or life transition
  • are entering the second half of life and see “old age” ahead, rather than “wise elder”
  • are prepared to explore deep questions such as “what wants to happen now?”
  • are ready to become masterful leaders in these challenging times
  • are hungry for meaningful conversation about issues that matter
  • wish to practice new ways of living and need a guide, teacher, and mentor
  • are ready to let go of the past, let go of judgment, and not live for the future but live from the timeless reality of what is happening right now

Candidates for coaching include . . .

  • Individuals committed to learning and growing at every stage of life
  • Coaches, mentors, and therapists on a path to mastery
  • Entrepreneurs wondering “what’s next?”
  • Leaders of forward-thinking organizations
  • Empty nesters ready to design their post-parenthood lives
  • Individuals anticipating retirement and wanting to make the most out of the time that is left.
  • Coaching is particularly useful for those running up against the inevitable limitations and challenges of life, and for those transcending their existing world view in favor of something as yet unformed.

The Coaching Process

Coaching begins with an intake session to explore developmental coaching as an option. If coaching is indicated, weekly telephone sessions follow. During the course of coaching, many clients come to Sage Canyon Ranch for a retreat (see below). They then resume telephone coaching to follow-up and implement changes that may have come out of their time in retreat. Typically, the coaching relationship lasts from a few months to a year, occasionally longer.

Individual developmental coaching will take you out of your comfort zone and habitual patterns of thinking. It facilitates deep and enduring learning. Through the process of coaching you will learn the art of slowing down, even stopping – often essential steps before starting a new life chapter. You will become more awake and mindful, develop practices for self-care, and evolve in a deliberate and conscious manner. 

Retreats at Sage Canyon

If you, as an individual coaching client, choose to visit Sage Canyon Ranch for a retreat, you’ll stay in the Cliff House guest quarters(see article) with the option to spend one or more nights in the tepee. Solitude time is interspersed with private coaching, meals, hiking, educational videos followed by discussion, and developing practices to support permanent change. The practices, customized for each client, may include meditation, movement, awareness, and other expansive change practices.

Sage Canyon Ranch is in the high desert, four corners area of Southwestern Colorado near Cortez. Clients enjoy 150 acres of red-rock canyon lands located at the end of a two-mile dirt road. With the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument to the North, the 10,000 foot Sleeping Ute mountain to the South, Utah deserts to the West, and Mesa Verde National Park to the East. This is a place to retreat on ground where solitude quests have been tradition for centuries. 

If you feel you are a candidate for individual developmental coaching contact Dan to set a telephone appointment to explore the possibilities.





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