Dan’s current program is composed of stages of life development, rather than an a la carte suite of services.
Each stage is designed to lead you forward as they build on each other.

The whole being greater than the sum of their parts.


• One session per week for three months

• Over the phone

• $600 per month


• 3 days at the ranch

• Cortez, Colorado

• $2,400 for 3 days inclusive


• One session per week for at least three months

• Over the phone

• $600 per month

  • I am grateful to Dan's artful and graceful facilitation of my learning the "Immunity to Change" model, and applying it to some of the "Big Assumptions" which I carry around. I would recommend this retreat to seekers who are ready to "go deep" with their own learnings and commitments to explore and break through the barriers that stop them from realizing their dreams.

    Carol MacKinnon   Senior Associate, The Coaching Project
  • My key insights from this work are:

    Greater self-awareness and clarity; realizing I am an ‘undisciplined spirit’;  reaffirmed the value of community in exploring and nurturing the self…

    This retreat helped me explore and reaffirm the role of creativity and self-expression in my spiritual journey.  Now I feel I can reclaim my creative spirit, which has been there all along of course...

    John Hoover Executive & Personal Coach
  • We found our 'place of hope' because of Dan's leadership, his ability to draw out the best from each of us and his amazing ability to provide a safe yet challenging space. I would highly recommend this workshop.

    Sue Griggs